Ever So Neat

Hi, I’m Twee!

Clutter Confidante, Mama, Friend, Human. 

Are you internally affected by external circumstances? Are you overwhelmed by all the clutter – physical, mental and otherwise? 

As a Clutter Confidante, I help my clients edit their physical items while creating space for emotional release and mental clarity.  

The truth is, I can’t do the work for you, and I don’t have all the answers. But I will hold space for you to find it all, within yourself.  Based on your own truth, I can help you develop simple solutions that will make a large impact over time.

I believe that a little structure can create space for a lot of flow.  Choose the mess you want to make. That can be beautiful, too.  

With love, always. 

What is Inner Voice?

There’s a part in all of us that embodies deep knowing, unconditional love and unlimited expansion. I call it my Inner Voice. It continues to heal and hold me as I find my way home – to myself, where I have always meant to be.

What if the secret to optimizing our external environment could be found within, beyond the physical?

Thuy holds space for my inner voice in a beautiful and gentle way. She creates a container of expansion and safety, and I feel so calm and connected after an Inner Voice session with her.

Sarah O.

Twee, without a doubt, will provide you a safe and comfortable space to share your heart and connect deeply into your soul. Her guidance helped me to reach new depths of my Inner Voice and left me feeling peaceful and liberated.

Angela W.

I really love Twee’s voice and the way she facilitates. I come out of sessions with her feeling equipped with practical next steps for the mind, releasing for the body and metaphors from my intuition to support me in the now and in the future. 

Harumi L.


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