The ESN Philosophy

Before we truly organize, it’s essential to edit. That means curating what we have; keeping the things that serve us, and releasing the ones that don’t. Making those decisions can be both overwhelming and empowering. Overwhelm often comes from external factors, while empowerment comes from within. Beyond the physical, Inner Peace is what we aim to uncover. Ever So Neat is a holistic approach to finding clarity, intention and flow – within our space, and especially within ourselves.

The Process



Go within.


Create a system.



The truth is, you can do this on your own.

(But you don’t have to.) 


ESN Release - $30

FOR YOU If you are finding resistance in letting go.

The ESN Release is a 30 minute check-in to declutter your mind and address specific issues that are coming up for you.   

*It is recommended to have completed at least one Consultation before scheduling an ESN Release.

$30 / 30 minute session

*All services are virtual. In person / on site sessions are an option based on location and availability – please contact me for details! 



ESN Consultation - $75

FOR YOU If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

The ESN Consultation includes a 60 minute session to talk about your projects, challenges, and everything in between. You will then receive a Plan of Action that includes a summary of our discussion, customized solutions, and action items to help you integrate and maintain momentum. 


$75 / 60 minute session 

*All services are virtual. In person / on site sessions are an option based on location and availability – please contact me for details! 


FOR YOU If you need accountability, consistency and implementation.

Execution and implementation are essential to achieving your organizing goals.  I will be a part of your work – providing guidance, accountability, and hands on help to ensure the completion of each project.

This package includes a complimentary ESN Consultation.


$720 / Prepaid package – 12 hours, to be scheduled with 3 months from purchase date.

$55/hour / Additional hours within 3 month window.

*All services are virtual. In person / on site sessions are an option based on location and availability – please contact me for details! 

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” (Swahili Proverb)

"Twee makes her clients feel beyond safe. She creates a world where judgement and shame don't even exist and you can no longer remember why you were staying stuck and attached to things that aren't working. She pulls back the curtain and lets you see the possibility in your life."

Gillian W.

” Feeling INCREDIBLY blessed to know, Twee. She helped me strategize and plan for my kitchen remodel and it is my most organized workspace in my house!!! I NEVER feel stress, overwhelmed, or like I can’t find anything. It’s THE.BEST!!!! Twee, thank you for helping me de-clutter my mind so I could begin to de-clutter my home. “

Laura H.

“I’ve had sessions with dozens of facilitators in different modalities. Twee is easily one of the best. I’ve gotten more out of half-hour sessions with Twee than I’d ever imagined was possible, including releasing what felt like a Horcrux (minus the killing another person part). My first session with Twee catalyzed the final leg of a journey in setting boundaries. It now feels easy to set the boundaries I need and I feel at peace with where I’m at. Thank you so much, Twee!”

Harumi L.

"We have done many organizing projects with Thuy-Lien. On prior projects, she helped us sort and de-clutter the space we had arranged and we learned tremendously from her thoughtful method of strategic placement of items. When I get back to habitual patterns of shoving items willy-nilly, I picture Thuy-Lien, mindfully examining an item and PLACING it at just the right spot with great respect and care."

Quynh R.

"Our latest project involves a whole floor remodel with a blank slate, new closet space and a lot of square footage. Thuy-Lien helped us plan and purchase closet organizing systems and plan the future placement of all our items. She measured the space and laid out a beautifully designed plan of action for us to follow. From prior moving experience, I know that the decision-making process gets overwhelming and inefficient use of space can linger for years, unaddressed. We are excited to work with Thuy-Lien again with making our new space organized, peaceful and functional!"

Quynh R.

"I felt connected, held and safely guided throughout my session with Twee. Despite meeting for the first time, she instantly made me feel seen and appreciated, and I was able to open up for the process of listening to my inner voice. She very gently led me through the process, and I was able to take away some deep and important messages I really needed to hear at this point. It was a huge support at the right time and I am more than grateful!"

Sonja M.

"I had no idea what to expect when beginning the Inner Voice session but it immediately felt like a release of feelings and emotions that I had been holding in. I felt a sense of calm and peace that I have not felt in a long time during the one hour I had with Twee."

Isabel C.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from my inner voice, but this session was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Reading the transcript back of my session was also just as powerful because it truly felt like an out of body experience. I was so thankful for such a wonderful facilitator in Twee and for the ability to have this experience. It was all at the same time very strange and very wonderful, and afterward I felt like I was lighter and had gained so much wisdom. I wish everyone could experience this."

Amanda S.

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