A little bit about me

My Story

I was born and raised in Montreal, and studied Industrial Engineering because I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I loved learning how things worked.  And as I got older, the “how?” turned into “why?“.

Finding my Why meant finding myself.

I have deep gratitude for those who held me while I navigated that path.  So much appreciation to be surrounded by the most loving and supportive family and friends.  They saw me, before I was able to see myself.

As I tried to figure out how to become the best wife, mama, daughter, sister, cousin,  friend (the list goes on…) – I realized I could start with being the best me.

I’ve always believed in magic, but have not always believed in myself. Inner Voice work has opened up my world to both things, hand in hand.



2004: Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

In Industrial Engineering, we learn about efficiency, optimization, inventory management, ergonomics, project management and process improvement – normally in a manufacturing or corporate setting. As a Professional Organizer, I now apply these things to real life, optimizing our everyday experience in the present moment.

2004-2014: Experience in engineering/corporate

After I graduated, I worked in the Electrical Industry for about 10 years. (My least favourite class in school – go figure!). For years, being an engineer was part of my validation as a person. So when I quit, it took a lot of soul searching to stop leaning on my profession as part of my identity.  I have so much appreciation for my professional experiences.  But the thing I miss most about my engineering job? Going out for lunch (and playing Spades) with my amazing coworkers.  

2012: Married, Mama (1 dog, 2 boys, 2 angel babies)

I married a man who has always loved me as I am, in a way that feels safe for me to be myself while also knowing that it’s ok to keep changing (and growing). Having children was the biggest transformation in our relationship, in a deep and messy and beautiful way.  As their own sovereign beings, my children have taught me to love and let go, in so many ways. 

2014: Business owner, Ever So Neat

In my life, I have experienced multiple moves, career changes, relationships, health issues, loss, heartache and celebrations. In each of these situations, I have seen how a space can either be an overwhelming burden or a sanctuary. Ever So Neat is a result of real and life changing processes. I’ve always seen organizing as more than just the physical “stuff”, and it has been a true gift for my business to evolve alongside my own personal growth.

2021: Certified Inner Voice Facilitator

To work with Jess Lively is to let go of any preconception you have of how things are supposed to be.  And I love it.  Becoming an Inner Voice facilitator has transformed my life in so many ways – from making lifelong friends in a matter of weeks, to embracing my own Inner Voice and finding a confidence I never knew I had. It’s an honour to share this beautiful gift of encouraging others to step into their own Being, regardless of who is on the other end.

2019: Reiki Level 1

Reiki has been a gentle journey into expanding my awareness of energy shifts and universal healing forces. I am a student of Gina Tupaczewski, who says that “the purpose of the Reiki practitioner is to be a vessel through which the energy can flow – to let go and allow Reiki to do its work, without expectation or attachment to outcome.” I have found great alignment in this practice, and am continuously open to what may come.


A Collection of Projects

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Love letters to my unborn babies.

The Story Behind It

A Podcast created to honour the things we keep, and the ones we’re ready to release.

The Secret Lollipop Society


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