Lift this world

Lift this world

Lift this world, but do not carry it.

Know that there are beings,
above and beyond this moment in this world right now.

There are far and few between the activities that are connected.

The way these squirrels are running back and forth and within their own purpose may seem random to you but they’re all connected in one way or the other.
And you are also connected to your spirit in the same way that others are,
and through that connection is how you can continue to vibrate and lift this world.

Lift this world but it is not your responsibility to carry it throughout your being.
Your being is here, and it is enough.
And you standing here in this very moment is enough, to connect to the world around you.

Be peaceful and breathe and simply look within your actions.
To know that you can be the difference within yourself.

That joy that you seek is not the joy that you feel because you cannot release,
you have not released the emotion and do not be afraid that releasing means to lose the emotion.

It means to be here, without the fear of losing it.