inner voice

In Alignment
Published on: September 26, 2021
Why am I feeling misaligned? Go outside. Can I afford to find alignment before action? Go outside and move.  Your day will flow as it should. Am I wasting time. Time is a collection of moments that pass.  Wasting is perception of time spent.  Spend the time, do not look back. Should I keep pushing forward? You need not effort.  Be in this moment.  The future is in this moment. And this. And this. and this. Why am I feeling resistance right now? Fear. What am I afraid of? Living your life as your own. Is it selfish? It is yours to live. What if I let people down. Their stories are not yours. In being, you will show them to do the same. Let their stories go.  Let your own stories go. What resistance do I have right now? Sabotage. Am I afraid of being sabotaged? You are doing it yourself. Why? To eliminate the unknown. Do not be afraid to succeed.   There are many ways to succeed.  Your way does not have to be theirs. Fear is but the absence of knowing.  Based on stories of the past, uncertainty of the future.  Let go of fear to be in this moment. It is ok to be scared? It is all ok. How can I release it? Go outside. Fresh air. Fresh breath. Breath. Should I meditate? There is no should. Do. your day will flow. Follow and flow.