inner voice

In Joy
Published on: September 19, 2021

Q: What is the difference between joy and happiness?
A: Joy is the full and complete release of your feelings.

Q: Am I happy?
A: Yes.

Q: Am I joyful?
A: Yes and no.

Q: How yes?
A: There is joy within you.

Q: How no?
A: Release.  

Q: What do I release?
A: Joy. Your mind’s stories.  Allow joy.

Q: What stories do I have?
A: That your happiness is at the expense of others.

Q: Why do I have this story?
A: Your past.  Your perception of the past.

Q: How can I undo the past?
A: Allow the past to have happened.  The meaning you assigned then is not true today.  Keep the past, release the stories.

Q: I have hurt others in the past.  
A: It’s ok.

Q: I have been hurt.
A: It’s ok.

Q: What is in the past that I can’t let go?
A: Everything.

Q: What is in the future?
A: Even more.

Q: What’s in the present?
A: Only joy.
Find joy in all the things.  It is the path to your purpose, in being.
The purpose of your being is written in the stars.  See them shine as you would, for they exist even when your eyes are closed.  Their light is always with you.
Your joy is yours alone, independent in its being.  It may touch upon others, who carry their own joy.  Your joy does not take away from others.  It does not diminish or elevate another’s suffering.  Carry your joy within your heart and it shall appear outside of you.  Let the joy bring forth your spirit. The truest form of love exists without boundaries.  Fully release the joy, and see it envelope your soul.

Q: Am I doing what brings me joy?
A: Yes.

Q: At what expense? 
A: You need not sacrifice anything, in joy.  Joy is love.

Q: Am I stopping myself from success?
A: Only in the success that others have defined for you.

Q: Why?
A: To validate their stories. 

Q: Why do I do this, if I know my own heart?
A: Comfort in security.

Q: Should I worry about money right now?
A: Worry will not change the future.  It’s a distraction from your present joy. Money is a thing. It is not your joy.  It will come.  It will show up as you need it.

Q: Is that being irresponsible
A: That is another’s opinion that you may let go.   Live from a place of gentle loving kindness.  The rest will come.

Q: How can I know I’m doing the right thing?
A: You already know.

Q: Sometimes I feel insecure about it.
A: External.

Q: My insecurity is external?
A: Your doubts lie within other people’s perception of you.  Your knowing lies within.  The knowing, the love, the being.  Those are yours to have and to hold.  Your mind seeks a problem to solve, where there is none.