inner voice

What if I fail?
Published on: August 22, 2021

you cannot fail in something that has so many ways to succeed.  

there are so many paths from this decision. the decision in itself is your success. 

it is what matters, in this moment in time. do not look too far beyond, for the outcome will be more than you can imagine.

it will be in your reality, when it is in your reality. the present is here for your right now, do not worry about what will come of it. the thing that has come out of it is love.

all the way and through and through.

know this and know that this is enough.

love what matters to you.

your own truth can tell the story like no other.

stay within. stay within. stay within. breathe out. on the out breath, stay within.

you can change anything you want to. but you do not have to.

you can let this moment be still. and this moment. and this.

be still, and you will still move forward in time. be still.

you can do more within, than you will ever change without.