inner voice

Why am I feeling stuck?
Published on: October 3, 2021

Why am I feeling stuck?

Look past the feeling, and beyond the thing that you want,
and the thing you think that you should be feeling.

Do not, at this moment, go to the place where you want to be, necessarily.
The place you think you want to be is suffering,
but suffering does not prove the person that you are;
It does not validate, or give you worth .

You can prove who you are, in this very moment,
suffering or not, but you do not need to prove.
You do not need to have the responsibility of showing who you are,
you know who you are, they know you who you are, and they will see you.

And if they don’t, that’s okay, you can see you as you are in this very moment.
And that is the imprint that you can leave in this world for them.
For you, it does not matter so much.
Because here is the next moment and the next and the next,
and the now, and the now, and the now.

And focus on the now…
and it does not mean you have to let go of your positive,
it does not mean that you have to erase your mistakes.
Those things are there and they have happened
and they have contributed to who you are.
You don’t have to erase the moments that have happened, to be in the now.
You simply can let them be where they are and let them be
and let them have the impact that they’ve had.
And they have all led you to where you are today.
And you do not have to forget them, you do not have to forgive them and you do not have to move past them.
Moving past them does not mean letting go of the past.
You can leave it there, where you are.
And you can be here in this moment without looking back
and without the attachment of the stories that you have to them.

The mistakes that you’ve made, do not have to be considered mistakes at all.
They were actions and they’re just like your actions are today,
in this moment, for this very moment in time.

You do not have the responsibility of carrying this into the future.
And you do not have to worry about what or how, or who this will affect in the future.
It does not make you selfish, it makes you capable of living in this moment.

And in this moment, it can flow for you and for others in the same direction or in opposite directions, it does not matter.
The story that they have does not have to be yours.
The story that they have can be theirs and you can live in parallel or you can live in the same world, even.
It doesn’t mean you have to share the experience in the same way.
You can see things as they do, but it is not your truth.

Live within your truth.
And you can share that moment as it is, and not have to fight about the way it’s interpreted because the way they see it, is the way they see it, and the way they see it is based on their stories and their past and their experience and you can do the same and if that story serves you then go ahead and have it.
But if that story no longer serves you or if it’s not yours to keep or if it’s not your truth, let it go.

Let it go and breathe into this very moment where you are today.
All of your actions and your decisions are made in the moment, for that moment. And you are now in this moment for this moment.
You do not have suffering; you do not have to prove that you can overcome suffering by creating it.
You can live this perfectly imperfect life right here as it is.

And within your truth, you will discover your own heart and purpose;
and your purpose does not have to go beyond your world because the way you ripple will be in your own terms.
And when it’s done in your own terms from your heart, from the truth, from the love within, that is the thing that will matter and that is the thing that will ripple across and affect other people and change them and love them but as much as you want to affect them or you as much as you feel like you have the responsibility to make their world okay is not yours.

Everyone has their own truth and everyone has their own lives and their own paths and their own actions, including your children.
You have only to love; to love and to know the intention of love is the thing that will carry through. Do not judge it based on your actions in this very moment.

You can live in the moment enjoying, enjoying, enjoy
and when you don’t, and if you slip in, if you find yourself in a place that you didn’t want to be, you can get out you have the choice, you always have a choice.
And they will see that too. And then by allowing them to make their own mistakes and have their own feelings and adjust accordingly…
Within their truth, you’re allowing them to do the same.

And your wish for them does not necessarily have to reflect the wish they have for themselves and that’s okay. You do not know how they’re going to be, they’re not you. And they do not have to live based on your experience, it is their own life now. It is the way they interpret it. It is within their truth. You do not have to overthink the way you approach things.

Live within your truth and follow your intuition. It is there to guide you and it is there. If you listen, you will know that you’ve heard it all along, and that knowing will guide you much more securely, than anything that anybody else has ever said. Because what they’ve said is not wrong, but it is based on their truth, and their experience. It is not yours. You can be here and you can do the same and then you can share the experience, when you both live within your truth. The beauty is to be had, when it can be shared, within your own truth.