inner voice

You are your own person
Published on: October 10, 2021

Past, Present and Future Stories

There’s no way to tell how the past and the future have affected us. And there is no way to tell how the present will affect the past or the future. At all what you know, is what you know right now. And what you think you know about the past are merely stories that you have formed in your head and maybe they’re right and maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re there to serve. And if they are, then keep them and let them guide you and if they are not, how do you know? Act from a place of love, receive it from a place of love.

The thing that you do not communicate, is the thing that will hold you back. The thing that you hold so dear to you – the love and friendship and relationships. Those are affected first and foremost by love. And if you act out of love, then you will have it; the thing that you want, the thing that brings you joy.

What is so good about the life that you live? What is so good about the life that you have? It is yours and yours alone. And the reality that you live today can change from minute-to-minute, moment to moment, from day to day, can change and following flow with your heart. And you can follow in flow with the change. And you will see that changes in your environment are far beyond the control that you think you have.

You are part of this universe and connected through cellular energy and vibrations that hold you together and apart. And in this world, you are not alone and you are your own sentient being.
Listen to the words; you are not alone, but you are your own person. You do not have to live for the stories of others and you don’t have to live with the stories of yourself. The ones that you have given yourself based on experience and past and pains and what you think you should do and what you think you should know and learn and be. Who you are; is who you are right now in this moment. Nothing needs to change and everything will change at the same time. And you can just be it doesn’t mean that you lose control it may mean that you do not have the control that you think you do.

Live simply within your truth and do not overcomplicate the situation that you have right in front of you, right around you, all around you. It is all love and movement. And set-in motion the thoughts, that you have whether they are negative or positive as a reflection of your mindset and of your perception. There is no good or bad. There doesn’t have to be a right or wrong. You are you and you are here.

And whatever connection you may feel or lose or be with or be without those are the ones that you need or not need or find yourself to be surrounded with, the ones you love.

And the ones who love you and do not push that away because you do not think you deserve it. Know that you deserve it and know that you have it and know that deserving is a validation or proof of worth and that is not a thing that holds this place in your heart.
Worth is external, it is perception. Self-worth is also perception. you are who you are in this very moment. You do not need to change the person you are; you do not need to change the things that you do.

Do you want to? Then do it, but you do not have to do anything. You always have the choice and you have the power to decide and you have the power to be here in this very moment.
Knowing what you know and doing what you’ve done and walking, walking, walking. You have it in your heart to be who you are, and you have in your heart to accept everyone as they are.